A standardized pipe system installed, commissioned and tested properly will lessen the likelihood of water leakage and system inefficiencies which helps in water saving as well as any untoward tangible and intangible impact. From manufacturing to supply, installation to on-site testing and onward usage, all stakeholders should come together to design, manufacture, supply and install optimum solutions and maintain them in a safe and reliable way so we can all play our role for creating sustainable communities and cities.
Focus on the environment

Responsible Manufacturing and way-forward

As a company, we see a lot will change when it comes to base raw materials, additives, and input technologies where directly and indirectly the local and global regulations will demand change via existing product manufacturing standards while establishing new guidelines keeping in view sustainability and end usage into the consideration. Our priority is to manage the expectations and maintain our legacy of being a quality thermoplastic pipe producer.
Our People at work

Product Diversification

Diversifying BETA Pipes’ products provides several benefits, including expanding market reach, reducing dependency on specific markets or products, and catering to diverse customer needs. Foster a culture where internal and external stakeholders brainstorm and contribute innovative solutions that address customer needs on emerging technologies. Ensure that our products meet high standards for quality, durability, and performance.

Renewable Energy

As a responsible global citizen and corporate, we understand that investing in renewable energy can enhance BETA Pipes’ resilience to energy price volatility and regulatory changes while positioning the company as a leader in the transition to a low-carbon economy. We have just begun our journey by installing Solar panels at our main factory which have now been commissioned and ready to deliver. In phases, we will add more capacity as time moves on along with our key focus on improving and optimizing our current processes and resource efficiency. To top it up, we involved a third party and conducted our Compressed Air audit and are delighted to share that we have worked on making the network extremely efficient and effective from the recommendations and onward execution. We are documenting these incremental changes for our internal measurement and improvement. As we evolve, will also align ourselves with local and global benchmarking to further verify and accredit our endeavors.
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