Beta PVC-U Non-Pressure Pipes & Fittings

Light Weight

Reliable & Durable


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Beta PVC-U Non-pressure pipes comply with the BS 3506:1969 Class-O standards for non-pressure pipes, specifically designed for applications such as cable ducting and other non-pressure uses.

  • Smooth internal and external surfaces ensure a high-quality finish, preventing the build-up of deposits.
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals found in domestic effluent.
  • The lightweight of the system facilitates easy installation.
  • A comprehensive plastic system resistant to organic growth and corrosion, enabling high flow speeds of transported liquids.
  • Provides a reliable, efficient, and durable connection.
  • Self-extinguishing.
  • Remains stable under elevated temperature and formulated to withstand weathering effects.
  • Offers extensive utilization with a wide range of fittings providing multiple solutions.

▪ Water drainage and sewerage of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
▪ Water drainage of civil engineering & roads drop down
▪ Wastewater & rainwater

▪ Solvent Cement Jointing
Solvent cement jointing is a welding not a gluing process. Priming fluid and solvent cements work by softening the surfaces, so when they are brought together the two PVC surfaces bond together.
▪ Push-Fit Jointing
Push-fit fittings are remarkably easy to use and require no particular skill and no dangerous torches or solvents. The fittings are engineered with a rubber ring of metal spurs inside the fittings that tightly grip the pipes when they are inserted into the fitting sockets. Rubber O- rings inside the fittings form tight, waterproof seals against the pipes.


Beta PVC-U Non Pressure pipes and fittings are available in diameter ranges from 3inch to 8inches. The pipes are available in standard length of 13 feet.

Nominal Sizes (inches) Outside Diameter (mm) Wall Thickness (mm)
Min. Max. Min. Max.
3 88.7 89.1 1.8 2.1
4 114.1 114.5 2.3 2.6
6 168.0 168.5 3.1 3.4
8 218.8 219.4 3.1 3.4
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