Our Projects

Infrastructure & Utilities

As a trusted partner in the infrastructure and utilities sector, we take pride in delivering reliable solutions. Explore our projects and experience the difference in infrastructure excellence. We have provided our piping systems in various industries where reliability and strength are required.

Commercial & Industrial

Beta Pipes is a leading force in providing extensive piping solutions tailored for the Commercial and Industrial sectors. We have provided our piping systems in renowned projects all over Pakistan in the sector of commercial and industrial which shows our commitment to quality.

Retail & Distribution

We believe in optimizing our connectivity with general customers (B2C) with a well-defined Retail & Distribution network throughout Pakistan. Currently, available at major plumbing and electrical trade merchants, we can also sell directly so managing via a hybrid model to improve our service offering and support. At Beta Pipes, our intention is to develop more direct channels and enhance the coverage throughout the country to bring more transparency, efficient supply chain and delivery solutions for end customers.
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