For both generic and process applications, the demand across all industries is a reliable and quality-oriented pipe network.
At Beta Pipes, we have a rich history of transforming conventional industrial piping systems, including concrete and metal pipelines, into advanced thermoplastics across Pakistan’s industrial landscape. In the past three decades, Beta Pipes has provided high-quality industrial piping solutions to a diverse range of sectors, including Polymers and Chemicals plants, Cement, Food and Beverage, Textile, FMCG, and Paper and Packaging facilities. Furthermore, Beta Pipes has played a pivotal role in developing purpose-built industrial estates and areas across Pakistan. This commitment extends to newer sectors and projects currently in the pipeline.

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Disclaimer: Both PE100 and PPRC may be used provided the design and item availability is ensured and agreed at design and specification level. Ultimately, the client/consultant guidelines should comply engineering design and project application requirement for installation, commissioning and final testing for smooth functioning of the system. We only supply pipes and fittings as per the requirement, for rest the onus is on the contractor and project management team.

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