Beta PVC-U Underground Drainage Piping System

Smooth Surface

Excellent Resistance

Extensive Size Range

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Beta Pipes provides an industry-leading range of underground and surface drainage systems. These underground drainage pipes are suitable for various constructions, including solid wall and structured wall. With 100% water tightness, they are free from water ingress and seepage, ensuring high hygiene standards. Unlike conventional drainage products, these pipes are free from polluting underground water, soil, or causing adverse effects on building foundations.

They are suitable for all types of commercial and domestic installations. : The Beta PVC-U underground drainage system is designed to transport soil, waste, rainwater, or industrial effluents from buildings to roadside sewers or drains and from there to waste treatment plants or points of discharge.

▪ High quality of finish with smooth internal and external surface.
▪ Provide low coefficient of low friction.
▪ Excellent resistance to chemicals and gases naturally found in sewage.
▪ Extensive size rang to suit all installation needs.
▪ Ability to accommodate to deformation without structural damage.

▪ Structure Superior Plumbing Systems
▪ Ideal for hot and cold water pipe fittings with applications in residential villas, bungalows
and apartments, office complexes
▪ Commercial buildings including hotels and hospitals


This system offers unparalleled installation operations with high quality finish, superior dimensional accuracy and stability. Conforming with EN-1401:1998, BETA UNDERGROUND DRAINAGE pipes are available in standard length of 13 feet,20feet and 6 meter having diameter range from 110mm to 400mm with different stiffness classes mainly categorized as SN2, SN4 and SN8.

Nominal Outside Diameter (mm)Stiffness Class SN-2 SDR 51Stiffness Class SN-4 SDR 41Stiffness Class SN-8 SDR 34
 e (min)e(max)e (min)e(max)e (min)e(max)

PVC-U Underground Drainage Piping System Fittings

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