Supply Chain Management

At Shafisons Engineering Private Limited (SSEPL), Supply Chain Management (SCM) is an integral part of operations management and our commitment of “Service and Quality” is in complete without devising its effective and efficient strategy. 

Shafisons Engineering (Pvt). Ltd has developed a supply chain network comprising of facilities and distribution options that performs the functions of procurement of raw materials (PVC/PE/PPRC resin along with required additives), transformation of these materials into finished product(s) primarily through extrusion & injection-moulding technology for production of pipes and fittings respectively, the distribution of pipes and fittings dealing directly on behalf of company or through an extensive network of specialized distributors equipped with modern and efficient logistic, ensuring delivery, throughout major towns in Pakistan.


At SSEPL, an oracle based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has been incorporated to stream line and optimize existing business operations. The strategy focuses on timely fulfillment, cost effective logistics, smooth functioning of production lines, revenue and profit maximization, cost control and cooperation both from local and global partners. The company is all set to further invest on its human resource and technology to keep a head of local competition and in addition to explore international destinations.


The future is inspiring and bright at SSEPL, where incorporation and integration of new applications to existing ERP will enhance and differentiate the customer experience and usability which are essential for projected growth.


SSEPL is trying its level best to maintain commitment of “Service & Quality” and is always open to feed back for improvement.