Beta PPRC Pipes & Fittings

Hot and Cold water supply system

Shafisons Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. manufactures Beta PPR-C Pipe System which is an ultimate solution for transportation of water and other fluids, used in applications of pressurized hot and cold water delivery as well as under floor heating in all modern residential apartments, commercial buildings and various industries due to their high resistance to high temperature and pressure.

Shafisons Engineering  (Pvt.) Ltd uses food grade material to obtain an extruded pipe with smooth internal walls , which is tested under extreme conditions & conforms to global quality norms and standards, DIN 8077/78. Beta PPRC Piping System has range of pipes (20mm-110mm) with a pressure rating of PN 20.


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Classification of Beta Pipes

Beta Pipes are classified by their maximum sustained working Pressure in the following classes, based on working stress of material at 20°C

Size Wall Thickness Length

20 mm

3.4 mm

4 Mtr

25 mm

4.2 mm

4 Mtr

32 mm

5.4 mm

4 Mtr

40 mm

6.7 mm

4 Mtr

50 mm

8.4 mm

4 Mtr

63 mm

10.5 mm

4 Mtr

Features Of PPRC System

Long durability due to the high resistance to aggressive elements, which gives the system extremely long service life of 50 years and more.
Easy connectivity over a complex network.
No perforation caused by electrical currents.
No furring while cutting.
Cost effective pipeline network.
Safe environment with recyclable ability.
Resistance to bacteriological attack thus enabling safe potable water transfers
Resistance to wide range of chemicals and so corrosion avoided in service lines.
Good impact strength so as to be used in all environments and around buildings.
Heat preservation and energy saving abilities. The heat conductivity of PPRC pipes are much lesser than metals and hence offer significantly high level of heat preservation for transported fluids.
High acoustic insulation against fluid noise. The fluid flow and hydraulic shocks with in the building create the noise which can be very well avoided by the noise absorption ability of PPRC materials.
Light weight compared to the metallic piping system (1/9 of the steel gravity)
Convenient and reliable installation methods increasing labour productivity and significant cost savings.

Applications of Beta Pipes

Beta pipes possess a vast field of application some of which are listed below.

  • Buildings
  • Residential unit
  • Commercial projects
  • Industries